More Than Meets The Eye – Jerry Yee

*All photos used here are taken by Jerry himself* An executive in the MIS Department of Nettium. Well-versed in tech knowledge and has a passion for photography and hiking. This is the story of Jerry Yee. Many know Jerry as the one who deals with all the technology and equipment that comes through Nettium. On the surface, people only see him checking his emails, setting … Continue reading More Than Meets The Eye – Jerry Yee

Why Working In KL, Is A Must!

Kuala Lumpur or KL is the place to be when you’re working in Malaysia. Although there are many notable places such as Damansara or Petaling Jaya, KLĀ  definitely takes the cake and makes everywhere else look like chumps! (no offense, guys) Nettium definitely got it right, when they were choosing the destination of our office. Located at Jalan Munshi Abdullah, you can find us smack-dead … Continue reading Why Working In KL, Is A Must!

Life at Nettium – Shu Fan Teoh

Shu Fan Teoh, Team Lead at Nettium talks about his experience at Nettium, some of his favourite things and what grads and interns from the Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC) can expect at Nettium. On 31 October 2018, we’ll be at the TARUC Career Fair looking for outstanding people like you to join our family. Come say hello! Continue reading Life at Nettium – Shu Fan Teoh