Shots Fired At Team Building!

As the title suggests, shots were fired at our latest team building!

But don’t worry! It was paint bullets and firing shots was the whole basis of the team building! If you haven’t guessed it already, our latest team-building exercise was a good competitive game of paintball!

Over the weekend, 50 of our Nettium members spent their Saturday morning from 10am to 1pm strategizing, testing their aim & accuracy and running around with a paintball rifle in their hands! The 50 members were split into 5 different groups that were already assigned to us. This was a great way to mingle and interact with other co-workers. Everything was prepared well, even having enough free water to hydrate us for hours!

Each team played 4 games of Capture The Flag. The best part was, points were being recorded and there were prizes up for grabs for the top 3 teams! This meant game mode was on! Everyone enjoyed themselves as it was a great opportunity to unwind and engage in some competitive sport!

For those who think paintball is easy, trust me, it’s not! It requires tremendous efforts of teamwork and you need a high tolerance to pain! If you were not fast enough and managed to get hit by a pallet anywhere on a body part that was exposed, it’ll leave a bruise!

After 4 intense games, the day ended with everyone being fed with some delicious pizza – definitely needed that since everyone was tired from all the running around!

All-in-all, it was a wonderful experience and a great way to spend the beginning of the weekend. Here’s what other Nettiumers had to say about the experience!

“a place legally to shoot the colleagues” – Simon Ong

“great experience to show team spirit, planning and communication skill” – Kimmy Lee

“The paintball event was great, especially with the colleague which only deal with works, the team is great, the price is wonderful and finally the pizza is delicious” – Michael Liew

“The weather was hot and sunny. The organizer had prepared enough water to make sure everyone stayed hydrated. My team was cooperative and followed our leader’s instructions. We won the competition and at the same time really enjoyed the game despite got shots.
Hopefully, we can have this activity again in the future!” – Idiyana



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