My Intern Experience – Dany

My name is Ungku Ashman Dany and I had the opportunity of being a Human Resource intern for Nettium.

My internship program was for a duration of 3 months from June to September.

How I Attained The Placement

I came across a vacancy for an internship position in the Human Resources Department for Nettium at – HR department was my goal in the first place, what were the chances!

I simply submitted my application and within a few days, I had received a call from one of Nettium’s recruiters, requesting for an interview session. Handling communication and dealing with the necessary steps for the interview was a breeze! Because the information emailed to me and instructions that followed were clear-cut, transparent, fast and made the process very smooth.

First Impressions of Nettium Sdn Bhd

The first day I had to officially clock in for work, I was taken aback on how beautiful and well-structured the office was! Compared to my previous working experience, Nettium definitely had the best ambiance to work in. The colorful designs, the cool approach to utilizing office space was magnificent, everything was in reach – pantry, toilet, entrance. With well-equipped facilities, it was so comfortable to stay-in the office.

Not to forget, as the office is located on the 40th floor, the view of Kuala Lumpur City was breathtaking! I was in awe at first sight and still was, 3 months later!



My Co-Workers 

Nettium is definitely home to friendly faces. Although I was new, I felt completely comfortable with the people around me as everyone made me feel welcome. Everyone is friendly and laid-back with each other that it gives off a very family-ish vibes.

My team in HR especially made me feel well-received. Right off the bat, they welcomed me with open arms. These friendly approaches made it so much easier for me, someone new, to understand the culture and the feel around the office – which made working easier!


My Workload

The best part of my internship was definitely my workload. Unlike some organizations where an intern’s task is limited, that’s not the situation here!

I was tasked with handling the company’s social media pages and searching for content. The task handed to me was well structured and made me work correctly and headed in the right direction.

The responsibilities I had made me able to try out new experiences such as writing and designing. Nettium really provided me a great internship program that did not go to waste and was able to teach me new things – an aspect very vital to any intern.

Best Place To Intern, Hands Down!

Overall, I had an amazing 3 months interning with Nettium. I managed to be exposed to the IT Industry, in which I had no experience what-so-ever before.

The people are so fun and motivated that clocking-in every day to work did not seem like a chore. In fact, It was something I looked forward to every day.

As you may be hard at work every day, it did not really feel like work. You did not feel like you were busting your efforts away daily, you wanted to work!



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