I Scream, TGIF!

Everyone needs a TGIF once in a while. To loosen some tighten knots, relax and unwind from working so hard in the office. In fact, TGIF should be made compulsory for everyone! Just recently, it was Nettium’s time for some TGIF fun.

We decided, what is a great way to end a working week? To add more umphh! going into the weekend? with some ice-cream of course! Think about it, what’s better than taking a break from work and indulging in a sweet, cold tasty delight? To add more to it, it was completely on-the-house, free of charge!

homer ice gid.gif
Image from iOS (7).jpg

With help from The Human Resources Department, we were able to enjoy the delicious ice-cream from the famous “Inside Scoop”, inside the office! Yup, you read that right. IN THE OFFICE! Inside Scoop managed to actually set-up shop, right in our pantry!

From the hours of 4pm to 7pm, the office pantry had a whole ice-cream parlor, filled with a variety of exquisite flavors.

The best part was, they weren’t flavors that you’d find in your local supermarket. They hit us with delights such as dragonfruit, rocher, strawberry cheesecake, and even durian! (glory to durian lovers!)

We also aren’t stingy with our treats so everyone could take as much as they wanted, granted that there was availability! It’s hard to resist free, tasty ice-cream which meant that there was a huuuuuge line of people, all the way down to the lower floor.

It was momentous as all you could see and hear were smiles and laughter, everyone chatting with each other and enjoying the moment. Some even managed to try out our VR Gaming system, while some wanted to spend some quality time with the dessert.

What a great way to end the week and to celebrate TGIF! I’m sure it gave everyone the motivation that they needed!

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