Nettium Family Day!

Friday, 16th of August was a particularly special day around the office as it was Nettium’s Family Day!

As the date coincided with the school holidays, Nettiumers had the chance to bring their children along with them to the office. It was the perfect opportunity for the kids to visit their parents’ workplace and take a little peek in what they do daily. IMG_20190816_094920

But we didn’t leave the kids starring at their parent’s while they did work – we had organized them fun activities throughout the day!

Starting from 10am until 4pm, activities, games, and food were all prepared in our very own Hogwarts meeting room!

The day was kickstarted by a joyful performance by a clown that the children enjoyed – he was making them laugh and giggle like there was no tomorrow! The clown was really good at handling the children while putting up a very entertaining performance that included magic! (a magical clown, how cool is that?) 


Area’s were set up around Hogwarts that was designated to sand art, shoot-the-pin, face painting, and fish-the-duck. Each area was taken care of by specific persons who would oversee the children. Prizes were even up for grabs for the games played! 

After hours of playing, the children had the chance to enjoy a delicious spread of food that managed to keep their energy levels until the evening! Where they would later participate in a cookie fondue class, a class that let them play with play-dough like fondue. The difference between this and play-dough is that they were able to plaster their designs onto cookies and eat them!

The Nettium games room was also open to whoever that wanted to play pool, foosball and the Nintendo-switch – naturally all the boys were heading to that direction!


It was a wholesome and successful family day, where the children enjoyed themselves, made friends with others and ended the whole day by watching a movie in Hogwarts together.

Enjoy the photos that were taken on the day!







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