More Than Meets The Eye – Jerry Yee

*All photos used here are taken by Jerry himself*

An executive in the MIS Department of Nettium.

Well-versed in tech knowledge and has a passion for photography and hiking.

This is the story of Jerry Yee.

Many know Jerry as the one who deals with all the technology and equipment that comes through Nettium.

On the surface, people only see him checking his emails, setting meetings and check listing requirements for projects – the typical life of an engineer.

What most do not know, is that Jerry is an avid photographer and hiker and has been pursuing these hobbies for the past 3 years.

Has never taken any photography lessons, Jerry progressed his art form by his own initiative, through friends, the internet and by observing other photographers – what an inspiration! Jerry is proof that dedication and effort are all we need!



Jerry’s preferred setup is a Panasonic DMC-GX7 but praises the convenience of using a handphone, he even managed to take beautiful images with his phone and as he describes as “I can take every moment with just a few seconds” (the images above were taken with his Huawei Mate 20 Pro)


He specifically enjoys taking shots of streets and sceneries but wishes to focus more on portrait shots of people that will be able to tell a story. A picture is able to tell a 1000 words and that’s what Jerry would like to emulate.

Besides his photography, Jerry loves to hike as well. It’s the perfect combination for him as hiking provides him with the opportunity to capture images of the peak. His intention to hike, was to take more photos- killing two birds with one stone!

But his advise would be – try not to hike with a big camera and best not to hike alone, go in a group!

He has even made his way all the way to Indonesia’s Mount Ijen and has bucket-listed Moun Rinjani, a volcano in Indonesia – how cool is that? Not many can say they’ve been to a volcano! And not many can say they enjoy hiking or even have traveled out of their country just to hike, but the fresh air and view and the chance for a brilliant photo are all worth it. I mean, look these amazing shots! It’s unbelievable that Jerry isn’t a professional.




As talented as he is, Jerry specifically views this as a hobby and has never had any intention on joining any formal competitions. Although, he hopes to get more chances to photograph weddings. Makes sense, it’ll be the perfect opportunity for him to capture people with a beautiful story. Now we all know who to call when we want our wedding photographed!

 enjoy some more of these beautiful shots by our very own Jerry!






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