Tech Talks With Nettium: Smartwatches

Who would have thought that I would be able to monitor my heart rate by just looking at my wrist – without having to make an appointment at the Doctors?

Who would have thought that I could know who’s messaging and calling me, without looking at my phone?

For the longest time, it felt like a watch that could tell me more than the time and date was only seen in the movies. But with the recent tech fad of smartwatches, everybody gets to feel like James Bond or Tony Stark – what with all the many features!


Smartwatches first appearance was debuted by the Pebble watch in 2013 but then Apple released their Apple Smartwatch in 2015 which led to the demise of the Pebble watch.

Today, Apple controls 50% of the smartwatch market followed by FitBit and Samsung.


But what is the appeal of smartwatches? And are they here to stay?

apple watch GIF.gif


1)Fitness Tracker- Life Saver!

No matter what type of smartwatch you’re wearing – high or low budget, you’ll most probably have a fitness tracker. This aspect either helps the fitness-craze people track their progress or encourages those to start keeping track of their fitness.

A man actually had his life saved because his smartwatch was showing a difference in his heart tracker which made him visit the Doctor and turns out he had heart problems!

Apple GIF 2.gif

2) In The Nick Of Time – Quick Convenience 

This is the big selling point for smartwatches. Since technology makes us lazier every time, the smartwatch does not derail in this aspect! The smartwatch allows us to save time by checking our wrist for any sort of notification, be it phone calls or SocMed notifications. Gone are the days of rushing to find your phone in your lost pocket or bag.

3) It is Ever-Growing, Like The Internet

The smartwatch is linked to our phones and the internet. This means that the smartwatch will only continue to grow simultaneously as the internet – what it means for additional features is the sky’s the limit! As of late, you could even make cashless payments with the smartwatch. The future is definitely ahead!


But are these features enough for the smartwatch to have the same impact as the smartphone?

Will people drop the traditional-mechanical watch? 

Don’t take my word for it; here are some testimonials from our fellow Nettiumers!


Smartwatches are cool, there are many great benefits like answering calls, playing music, recording heart beats.
But there are also disadvantages like having to charge it and I think that’s a waste of time.
Personally, I won’t get it because i’m more of  a traditional type of person and smartwatches of good quality is super pricey.

In the future , yes people will use more smartwatches as we are changing towards modern lifestyle but the traditional watches will still be on the market.
Maybe by that time the traditional watches will be more expensive than the smartwatches like what happen now people are paying a lot for classics stuff.

– Erissa


Personally, I think I’m too old for smartwatches. The gaps between me having a mobile phone and the smartwatch is too long, I had my 1st mobile phone about 20 years ago, since then, I don’t wear a watch, recent 1 to 2 years, smartwatches become trendy, but because since I don’t wear watches, it does not grab my attention.

and secondly, I’m more like a practical person, I already have my smartphone, I may not need another smart device to serve the same purpose, to me, is just extending the info from my pocket to my wrist. Unless there is a totally different purpose which is only available in a smartwatch, then I will consider it.
for example, the smartwatch can also serve as the access card to the office, pay wave, smart key for entering a car.



Smartwatches can be quite useful. I mean, it can be used to track and act as reminders to your daily activities. I have a Xiaomi Amazfit COR, but I don’t use it too much these days.
After all, it still requires you to sync the device to your cellphone. They roughly have the same functions, just lighter and more fashionable.

I myself prefer wearing mechanical watches because I’m old fashioned and prefer the designs compared to smartwatches, which are completely digital. I like the tick tick sounds of the seconds’ needle that only a mechanical watch can make.
For younger generations, they may prefer smartwatches because they’re more familiar with the digital era and may find mechanical watches impractical.
However, mechanical watches are more affordable than smartwatches, so I don’t think they will go obsolete any time soon.



Smartwatches are really stylish and it looks really cool. Although, I still prefer wearing a classic Rolex, Tissot or Fossil. To me, both smartwatches and mechanical watches have their uniqueness.

With that being said, I think mechanical watches will still be around. Despite the current surge of the smartwatch, mechanical watches are still here!


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