Nettium Q&A with a Business Analyst: Zhi Yuan

1. What’s your name and what do you do at Nettium
My name is Too Zhi Yuan. I’m a Business Analyst at Nettium.

2. When did you join Nettium and why?
I joined Nettium since 1 January 2018, because my previous company shut down and I had to migrate to Nettium.

3. Describe what your experience in Nettium has been like so far?
Nettium is very good company. It provides many good learning classes like Introduction to SQL Injection & Introduction to Security Code Scan etc. Nettium also cares about their employee health; they even provide blood tests, Zumba classes, Wing Chun classes and more.

4. Describe a typical day for you at work?
I have great teammates. Every day, we have stand-up meetings to let teammates know what we have done, what the challenges are, how to solve it and what the next tasks are. This allows everyone to be clearer about projects.

5. What are some of your favourite things about working at Nettium?
Great working environment and good HR benefits (such as if it is a public holiday on Saturday, we get a weekday as a replacement leave).

6. Advice for potential candidates who want to join Nettium?
If you have the heart to fight for what is right and can handle challenges, this is the company you must join!

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