Flexing body and mind at Nettium

What was your New Year resolution? If we had to guess, we would say at least one of them has something to do with improving your health.

Well, at Nettium, we have always understood the importance of a healthy mind body and mind to general wellbeing. Part of encouraging our people to do that is why we have several in-house clubs.

From badminton to running, yoga to Zumba, futsal to Wing Chun. Can’t find something you enjoy doing? Go ahead and create a club if you can find others willing to join you.

Where it all started

We recently caught up with Senior BI Developer, Somayeh Ghobeishavi, who also leads the Nettium Yoga Club and we talked to her about how it all started and what it aims to accomplish.

She explained that the club started around the end of 2015 after Nettium moved into its current offices at Capsquare. Back then, she only participated in the sessions.

“I was not a yoga organizer then and we did not have SelfDrvn to create events as well,” she added. “Employees were informed about yoga session dates and times were shared via Facebook groups.”

SelfDrvn is a digital employee engagement platform that we use to, among others, improve participation in company activities and create a social work environment that also encourages productivity.

By popular demand

Somayeh organised her first yoga session at Nettium in July 2016. At first, it was just one session per week. 18 months after, high demand saw the number of sessions increase to two per week.


If you’re still wondering why people engage in yoga, Somayeh explains. “Yoga, which includes poses, breathing exercises and meditation, is a complete exercise for the body and mind.”

She adds that it helps with general health; lowering blood pressure, cortisol levels and stress hormones, which in turn benefit the mind. “These,” she says, “are just a few yoga benefits that encourage more Nettiumer to join yoga events.”

Currently, yoga classes are still organised by Somayeh and led by external trainers, Jenifer and Yean, from 7pm to 8pm every Tuesdays and Thursdays respectively.

Interested in being part of the Nettium family and exercising your mind and body? Check out our open positions on Jobstreet or send us an email to hello at nettium.net.

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