Work Hard, Party Hard – Company Vacation and Annual Dinner 2018

One of our employees’ favourite phrases is “Work hard, party hard” for good reason. From 17 to 19 November 2018, we sponsored our people on an expense-paid trip to Medan, Indonesia where we also held our Annual Company Dinner. This year’s theme? Pyjamas Dinner.

Held right next to the beautiful Lake Toba—one of the most famous natural wonders in the world and the world’s largest volcanic lake—our annual company dinner is just one of the avenues we provide for our people to party hard.

The evening started with a cultural dance performance sponsored by Tourism Indonesia and included dinner (of course), a Mario Tennis Aces tournament, and the pyjamas theme competition.

Go big…

In 2017, we went with a red, green and white theme in tune with the Christmas season. This year, our people decided they wanted something different (yes, we poll our people using SelfDrvn to get their opinions and feedback for everything that affects their experience at Nettium). And they choose a pyjama theme.

It wasn’t just any pyjamas party, however. We don’t do things the usual way at Nettium so we spiced it up a tiny bit and made it into a competition where everyone could win some incredible prizes!

How impressive were the prizes? How does a 4 days 3 nights flight expense-paid trip to Jeju and Seoul, South Korea sound? Or a 256GB iPhone XS Max? How about a 512GB Samsung Note9 or a Fitbit Charge 2?

Yep, those are just some of the prizes that winners of the various categories (including Most Creative Pyjamas, Best Group Pyjamas and Best Male/Female Pyjamas) took home.

Explore Parapat Samosir Island

We didn’t just travel for a dinner party, so, on the day after, a boat tour took us to explore the culture, food and jaw-dropping scenery.

From visiting Tomok kampung to see the Batak village and stone court with its execution place, Batak dance at Raja Sialagan and learn about their rich and colourful history.


From tasting kek-lapis to visiting the Maimun Palace, the Great Mosque of Medan, Huta Siallagan, we went exploring what Medan had to offer.

Some got on bicycles and motorcycles and explored the scenic Tuktuk Siadong, Samosir Island visiting the Tomb of the Sidabutar Kings and even the Efrata Waterfall.

We like how Jeannie Kwan, Senior Project Manager, put it when she said, “At the end of the trip, other than the endless bus ride, we had much fun, laughter and many new friendships were made.”

Want to be part of the Nettium family and experience our work hard play hard culture? We’re looking for outstanding and exceptional individuals. Check out our latest openings or send us an email now.


Photos courtesy of Jason, Jeannie, Heng Yong, Idiyana and MC Jojo Medan


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