Nettium Core Value #5 Teamwork

Successful, effective teams are those that can achieve what individuals cannot. At Nettium, we promote a culture where every member of the team is accountable to each other to uphold excellent standards.

Right from the Start

Think about your favourite football team for a minute. 11 players, plus the goalkeeper, all of whom have different strengths and weaknesses and work together to achieve a common goal (or goals in this case).

Some playing offence, others on defence, some on the right and others on the left. Of course, you get a few players who can alternate between several different positions to help out team members when necessary.

The lesson? Getting a high-functioning team requires an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the individual members and how they complement each other.

Nettium team lunch

New Nettiumers are encouraged to know and understand their strengths and weaknesses by taking the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment, a web-based personality evaluation from the perspective of positive psychology. The test allows our people to understand what they do best and how to develop their talents.

“There is no ‘I’ in team”


Getting our people to understand their strengths is just one piece of the puzzle. Effective teamwork gets everyone to balance these strengths and skills with the needs of the organisation.

It is also important to us that everyone in the team understands the benefits they gain from collaboration—increased job satisfaction and better results—and receives recognition for their contributions.

The digital employee engagement platform, SelfDrvn, allows us to do this effectively. Team members can give/request ad-hoc feedback to/from their colleagues; Stepathon—a stepping game—allows teams to collaborate and compete organisation-wide; and successful teamwork projects are recognised with badges and points.

Teamwork, like all our core values, is not just a phrase that we believe in. Our core values are the standards that we live by as a family and an organization. They guide how we operate and our business, they make us strive to be better and they give us a direction.

If teamwork is something you value and embody, we would be thrilled to have you in our family. Check out and apply for current career openings on our Facebook job tab!