Employee town hall – We reached for the stars

Employee town hall meetings can be meh. We all know that. Like, many times it is just a way to get employees together in a room while top management makes announcements about stuff employees may not care too much about. But what if you could change that?

Immediately after our biannual meeting in February 2018, we sent out a survey using Message in a Bottle on SelfDrvn, the gamified employee engagement platform we use.

Everyone had a chance to share what they liked and disliked about the meeting, what they would change and what they wanted to see in the next meeting in September. Our target was to meet and even exceed their goals in the September meeting. We aimed for the stars.

The September meeting arrived fast. We started the meeting differently with a live and entertaining music performance by Nettiumers. Check out some of the song covers below, we’re sure you’ll love them.

The session continued with a forum that had participants of our Future Leaders Program, which launched at our February meeting. Forum participants talked about their expectations of the program and their reasons for signing up.


Anthony Pinto, a certified neuro-linguistic trainer and meta coach was also present to talk about the practice of mindfulness. You can see some of us trying out the first level of meditation and mindfulness. It felt good too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also invited Perthpal Singh, the managing director of Learning Edge, a consultancy that provides corporate training solutions. His superbly engaging discussion covered stress management tips, how to understand the constant emotional roller-coaster in our daily lives and how to manage those emotions and stress. An A+ session.

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The CEO shared updates about the company’s direction in the next few months, as well as advice for employees on getting ahead in their careers.


Meanwhile, our HR Manager, Karen Lim, announced recent promotions, a wellness incentive that will allow Nettiumers get a free blood test on two cancer markers, and the 2018 incentive trip, which for the first time will include every employee! Great news indeed!


Of course, there was a lot of food. We held a live auction for the latest MI Poco F1 phone and an Extreme King gaming chair. At the end of the day, we created an employee town hall that was different from the usual and kept everyone engaged and entertained throughout. Check out other highlights from the meeting below!


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