Stretching the mental and the physical at Nettium

Nettiumers are no strangers to tasks that constantly challenge and enhance their mental ability. But the body is a whole and will not function effectively if some areas are left out.

Many people mistakenly believe that you need to be a pro-Olympic athlete to be healthy. At Nettium, we believe in taking small steps to reach the whole.

So, we’re always looking into ways to help our people improve and challenge their physical ability. Whether it’s counting their steps for a challenge that takes them to Mount Kinabalu or smashing shuttlecocks around in a badminton court, we’re committed to the whole.

For some others, every Tuesday and Thursday, they meet up in our colourful offices after working hours to do some stretches. Okay, more than just stretches. Personally, I can barely do any of the moves myself. With twists and turns, our people are stretching much more than just their mental abilities at Nettium.

The challenge is that no matter how health-conscious you may be, stretching is one of those things that is more often than not relegated to the bottom of many health to-do lists. And that’s because we think it’s not that important.

What you should know, however, is that the benefits of stretching go beyond the physical benefits—flexibility, injury prevention, posture and reduced soreness. According to the University of California, Davis, the mental advantages include a relaxed mind, less stress, and even a surge in energy.

Interested enough now?

If you are, here are three easy stretches you can do before or at work to get your blood pumping and maybe even get you more relaxed.

Pancake Stretch


Sit on the ground with your legs straight and in the shape of the letter “V.”
Lean forward at the hips and reach your torso towards your toes, getting your upper body as close to the floor as possible between your outstretched legs. Hold, and then walk your arms back toward your body to sit back up.

Chest Opener


Stand facing the 90-degree corner of a room. With your arms at your sides and elbows bent at about shoulder height, press one palm into each wall while overlapping your feet behind you.
Slowly lean inward, pressing your chest towards the wall until you feel a stretch in your chest.
Hold without allowing your forearms or hands to move. Then go back to start.

Glute Bridge


Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet as close to your pelvis.
Press down through your heels and lift your pelvis off the floor until your body makes a straight line from your shoulders to your knees (your shoulders should still be on the floor).
Keep your knees in line with your feet.
Hold at the top before lowering back down.


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