Getting work-life balance right at Nettium

From the office back home, the constant notifications from emails, Slack, Teams and all the many different collaboration and enterprise apps may make it seem like work never stops. Okay, not ‘seems’. It never stops for many people.

For those many people, this is one of the reasons for the stress and eventual possible burnout. That’s when the feelings of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment, physical and emotional exhaustion, and cynicism and detachment set in.

You’ll experience burnout when you don’t take control and manage how you do your job daily. It also happens when you lack social support from family and friends (inside or outside the work environment) and when you’re working towards goals that are not aligned with yours.

One way to control your level of stress is to indulge more often in activities that you love. That could be exercising, hanging out with friends, travelling or even sleeping.

In May 2018, for the International Mental Health Week, we asked Nettiumers what they did to balance their work and personal lives, and most importantly, de-stress. Here’s what we got:

“I refill my energy regularly by having good food and good people around me.”
Frenando Ansari, Product Manager

“I just can’t pick one particular picture. There are a few things that help me to de-stress myself. Mainly it is spending a good quality time with my dear ones (my family and friends) but adding food helps better to de-stress myself. Getting to participate in a marathon with my brother, spend quality time with my dad, niece, nephew and friends who are like family. It’s about the time and people I get to be with that de-stress me! Other activities are just bonus!”
Rathitha Dewarajan, HR Executive

Eric Wong Kim Seng
(*Chest Day)”

“Go to the gym and throw the stress lol..
Eric Wong Kim Seng, Release Engineer

“This gang truly knows how to have fun. Travelling with them means having non-stop selfies, poses, food and late midnight chats! Their age may be x2 of mine but I’ve learnt lots from them, especially mum. All the stress is gone when I’m with them! My biggest joy is when I see a big smile on my mum’s face. Can’t wait to bring mum and friends on more adventures! Mum, love you!”
Fong Kam Ling, Business Development Director

Ong Weng Loon

“No sleep, no health. Just turn OFF the alarm and go to sleep.”
Ong Weng Loon, Team Lead

Jasper Lee Teck Zhuen

“Some people think that it’s stressful to build a gunpla, but I find it very de-stressing 😀 gotta get my hands dirty.”
Jasper Lee Teck Zhuen, Software Engineer

Chua Heng Yong

“Giving my boys hugs, kisses and rides helps keep me sane…I miss them every day and night.”
Chua Heng Yong, Senior Project Manager

Lee Sin Dee
“Hiking + picnic at Bukit Tabur Extreme. For me, enjoying the nice view at the top of the mountain is always the best way to destress”
Lee Sin Dee, Software Engineer

“‘Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body.’ – Joseph Addison. Spending leisure time to read an interesting book.”
Yeap Chee Wei, Software Engineer

Wong Soo Ting
“Exercise with gym buddies is always my best de-stress activity 🏋️ ”
Wong Soo Ting, Senior Web Designer

“Went for a walk in Titiwangsa Park near my house. Unfortunately, not many magic carps to catch.”
Lam Mun Choong, CEO and Velociraptor Tamer

Lim Teng Wee
“Live simple, dream big, laugh a lot. Always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine. Simple Lak…”
Lim Teng Wee, Senior Software Engineer

Ahsan Raza Sheikh

“My way of de-stressing myself.”
Ahsan Raza Sheikh, Software Engineer

“My daily de-stress activity! Join #PokemonGoCommunity, look for Ex-Raid/Raid and hunt with them. Share experiences and guidelines with them.”
Tan Jia Hong, Software Engineer


So, how do you stay on top of your work and personal lives while delivering results? Let us know in the comments section!


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