Life as a Nettiumer  –  Lin Yen: you’ll find opportunities here

By Lin Yen, Web Designer, Nettium

Hi, my name is Lin Yen and this is my fifth year working in Nettium. I work as a web designer but many may not know that I was previously a Senior Software Engineer at Nettium.

Some people may wonder why I rotated my job from being a developer to a designer. Here’s the story behind it.

I always knew what I liked and what I wanted to do in my life. I developed a very strong passion towards art at a young age.

This grew, even more, when I found out that a high school classmate knew how to use Photoshop. I found it so cool, I decided that I wanted to be a designer in the future.

Unfortunately, my mother disagreed with my decision as she wanted me to be a teacher or an accountant, both of which I hated! I chose a different course, computer science, and she agreed to it as it sounded like a job that would be decent for my future.

But the only reason I decided to study computer science is that there was a subject called “Computer Graphics” in the syllabus. I held onto my dreams even when my mother was against it.

So, about 10 years ago, I self-learnt some designing skills by watching online tutorials. This led me to be a freelance graphic designer during my college days, which strengthened my dream even more to be a web designer.

As soon I graduated from college, I couldn’t decide whether to pursue my passion or to be a software engineer. Eventually, I applied for both the position of software engineer and web designer. Nettium shortlisted me as a software engineer cum web designer and I was ecstatic.

Sadly, most of my tasks were software engineering rather than web designing. I slowly learnt to accept the reality that the job demand of a developer is higher in the market, and so I tried to force myself to love the job.

I even stopped my freelance web designing job because of time constraint. So, I continued being a software engineer until I got promoted last year to become a Senior Software Engineer. Still, I had no passion for programming and felt I was just an average performer, which made my self-confidence lower.

I then started questioning myself; is this the work life that I really want? Should I hold onto my dreams and not take any action? Though I have dual skills, will someone still hire me if I were to apply for another job elsewhere?

I was struggling to decide and take a step until Nettium introduced its job rotation recently. Therefore, I made the greatest decision of my life, and here I am.

I am still trying to improve myself one step at a time. Just know that you should follow your heart and do what you love and crave.


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