e-Yum Cha! You saw that right, e!

Everyone knows that the current situation in the world isn’t the best and we’re all on the same boat. Ever since the Restricted Movement Order was placed on March 18, Malaysians have been staying at home, refraining from going out – including going to work! All businesses are on hold with only essential services allowed to operate which includes Food Delivery Services! Since all Nettium … Continue reading e-Yum Cha! You saw that right, e!

Lunar New Year Goodness

Every time, Chinese New year or The Lunar New Year comes around, everyone accepts it with open arms. It’s especially huge in Malaysia, where we celebrate by having reunion dinners with family, going back to visit our hometowns, munch on mandarin oranges and play with firecrackers in the middle of the night! Nothing but fun and festivities. Chinese New Year is a very family-orientated event … Continue reading Lunar New Year Goodness

Shots Fired At Team Building!

As the title suggests, shots were fired at our latest team building! But don’t worry! It was paint bullets and firing shots was the whole basis of the team building! If you haven’t guessed it already, our latest team-building exercise was a good competitive game of paintball! Over the weekend, 50 of our Nettium members spent their Saturday morning from 10am to 1pm strategizing, testing … Continue reading Shots Fired At Team Building!

My Intern Experience – Dany

My name is Ungku Ashman Dany and I had the opportunity of being a Human Resource intern for Nettium. My internship program was for a duration of 3 months from June to September. How I Attained The Placement I came across a vacancy for an internship position in the Human Resources Department for Nettium at jobstreet.com – HR department was my goal in the first … Continue reading My Intern Experience – Dany